Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bioelectrical Medicines? What is Neuromodulation?

Who are tVNS® applications intended for? When should if not be used?

When should I use tVNS treatment?

Can I use tVNS in my daily routine? Will it disrupt my lifestyle?

When should I expect to see the benefits of tVNS treatment?

How often do I need to apply tVNS treatment?

What are the side effects of tVNS treatment?

Can tVNS treatment be used in children?

Where can I purchase tVNS treatment?

Do I need to purchase the device items separately?

How big is the tVNS device?

What is the ear electrode and how do I use it?

What does tVNS treatment feel like?

Does tVNS treatment provide sound to the ear?

Do I need my doctor to setup the tVNS treatment for me?

Can tVNS treatment be used with my current medications?

What is the most suitable electrical parameters for helping with my health condition?

How is tVNS different to a TENS unit?

Does tVNS really work?

The stimulation is not felt/ The stimulation is starting to hurt. What should I do?

Does my health insurance cover tVNS treatment?

Will my information be shared?

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